My review of Worlds of the Imperium

Worlds of the Imperium by Keith Laumer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Prior to this I knew Laumer as the author of the Retief stories, but this is not like them at all. It is a very interesting parallel worlds story, where a minor diplomat is kidnapped and taken to a parallel Earth where the British Empire continues to be a major force, and is now called The Imperium. Being a parallel world, some things are different, so this world has discovered the technology to move across dimensions to parallel worlds, many of which seem destroyed, and possibly it was the technology to move across dimensions that destroyed them before they learned to handle it. But one such parallel world seems to be dangerous, and is conducting destructive raids against The Imperium. And the kicker is that the dictator who is leader in this other world is the version of our minor diplomat. So The Imperium kidnapped this diplomat and want him to go to this other world and assassinate the dictator and take his place. And then things just go wrong, and he has to fight just to survive. There are several moments when everything gets turned around and you discover that what you thought you knew was all wrong. But the action keeps going. This is not humor like Retief, but action, and if you like that in your stories you might like this one.

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