Kevin O'Brien
Kevin O’Brien

Welcome to my site. This is one of several web sites I maintain, but the others are focused on particular topics. This one is my anything-site where I can post on any topic that catches my attention.

I also have an interest in various IT topics, and I have a couple of other sites for that reason. Ahuka.com is for general computing topics, and office productivity software. Zwilnik.com is my Linux and Open Source software site. If either of those topics interest you, please take a look. There may be some overlap since I tend to use Free Software whenever possible, but having several sites lets me combine similar material, and I think that is a service to the reader.

Re: Palain – This word comes from a series of novels called the Lensmen series by E.E. “Doc” Smith. This series is considered the pre-eminent example of “Space Opera”, and I have read and re-read them constantly since I was a boy. And how many 6-letter domain names are not taken yet, anyway?<g>

You can e-mail me at nadreck@palain.com

My Mastodon account: Mastodon

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