I started learning Spanish in the Summer of 2020, because what else are you going to do in quarantine? But the other reason is that I try to get physical exercise every day, and I think mental exercise is equally important. I started looking for resources and found quite a lot, both free and paid. I first made a few blog posts about it:

These were my initial findings, but I decided to build on that a little, so I set up this section of my site to do just that.

How to Learn

The most important thing is regular daily practice. I set aside time every day (I’m retired, so it is not a problem) and spend at least one hour every day, sometimes more. But every day I do some work; I don’t think there is any way to be successful without this. For me, I do my Spanish work every day in the afternoon, right after lunch time. I have a fixed agenda that mixes a combination of Apps, YouTube Channels, and Web sites. Some I will hit every day, others may depend on how much energy I have, but I never do less than one hour each day. And on that topic, there is a YouTube channel called Daily Language Learning that is useful for reinforcing good study habits.

More Information

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