My Review of Beatles ’66: The Revolutionary Year

Beatles ’66: The Revolutionary Year by Steve Turner

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If you are a Beatles fan, this is a fun read. 1966 was the year they did their final tour before retreating to the studio. And it was the year they recorded Revolver,l which is in the running as their finest album. And of course by the end of the year they are starting on what is conventionally regarded as their masterpiece, Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I think these days most people don’t understand just how much was packed into a year for this band. They would record and release two albums a year! Today, a band might take two years to record an album, and release one every 2-3 years. So a lot happened in 1966.
If you are a casual fan of The Beatles you might not get that much out of this, but for the serious fan I think this is a good read, and can help tide us over until Mark Lewissohn finishes Volume 2 of his obsessively detailed history.

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