Miles to Dayton

I was reading The Lefsetz Letter the other day (see link on mysidebar; if you are not subscribed, his e-mail newsletter is the best thing around.) And Lefsetz starts talking about this band called Miles to Dayton. Now, when Lefsetz mentions something he always gives you a link to check it out yourself. Sometimes Spotify, sometimes YouTube, sometimes another service, but you always get a chance to hear it/see it for yourself and decide if you agree. I’ve heard since from a post by the band leader that Lefsetz got some it wrong (his wife is not fat, she is just coming back from pregnancy, and they aren’t really that old) but the central point is that this is not your typical contemporary band in appearance. And unlike all too many contemporary bands, these guys know how to play. After checking them out on YouTube, I noticed that my eMusic had just rolled over for another month, and found that they were available there. I purchased one of their albums (Pass It On, of course), and I’m digging it. Give them a chance, you might like them. They are also available on Spotify.

Miles to Dayton web site

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