My Review of Schneier on Security

Schneier on Security

Schneier on Security by Bruce Schneier

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bruce Schneier is one the experts on computer security, and I have followed him with pleasure and learned a lot. He has a very practical approach to understanding what works and what does not work in this area, and this book is a collection of his short writings from a variety of places: His blog (Cryptogram), Wired, CNet, IEEE Security & Privacy, Communications of the ACM, etc. These are brief and to the point, most of the articles being a couple of pages long. Most of the articles were written in the early 2000s, but I don’t think they are out-of-date at all because they are about how to think about security, not about the technical issues. He also provides a lengthy References section in the back in case you want to go deeper into any of the events he discusses.

Because these are bite-sized articles, this would actually be the perfect “Bathroom Reader” for the security geek in your life.

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