My Review of Masters of Space

Masters Of Space

Masters Of Space by E.E. “Doc” Smith

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Masters of Space is one the novels that does not involve any kind of telepathy (a common theme in Doc Smith’s works), though it does have some unspecified mantel powers. And like most Smith novels, it moves along with a lot of action. A team of scientists an military go on an exploratory expedition, and find something puzzling: robots who think they are the “Masters” finally returned. They find that the”Masters” were in a conflict with an evil alien race, and that these aliens also think they are the Masters returned. Are they? Maybe they are. Overall, this is a pleasant diversion, but not something that will go on anyone’s “must read” list. I happen to be a huge fan of Doc Smith and have read just about everything he wrote. This is a work that exemplifies “pulp fiction”.

I read this as part of a collection “The Works of E.E. “Doc” Smith”

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