Review of A History of Europe

A History of EuropeA History of Europe by John Morris Roberts
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I read the audiobook version.

People who know me well enough will learn that my first degree was in History, and it is still a strong interest for me. This book by J.M. Roberts is the kind a sweeping history that he is best known for, in this case looking at Europe from the pre-historic times up to the very recent present. I don’t think you read this to get an in-depth examination of a particular topic (contrast this with the Eisenstein history of printing I reviewed previously). I got this as an audiobook to enjoy on my rather long commutes, and it performed that role very nicely.

As happens with a book like this, the time scale shrinks as you move forward. While the first chapter covers millenia blithely, by the last part of the book a whole major section is devoted to the 20th century. Since that is our own time it shows a certain bias, but probably one that is congenial to most people.

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