My Review of Dragon Lensman

The Dragon Lensman (Second Stage Lensman Trilogy, #1)

The Dragon Lensman by David A. Kyle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

E.E. “Doc” Smith was most famous for his series of books about the Lensmen, who were selected by the Arisians to battle against the forces of Eddore. This series is often regarded as the height of Golden Age Space Opera. The core of the series was a story of a breeding program to produce an advanced group of beings who could do what the Arisians themselves could not do, and kill the Eddorians. The breeding program was established on four planets and four different races, but the main focus was of course on the human race and their Lensmen. The Penultimate human specimen, Kimball Kinnison, did something hitherto unknown and go back to Arisia for additional training and become a Second Stage Lensman. But this also happened for the 3 other races, and they also produced Second Stage Lensmen.

David Kyle was given the opportunity to write a trilogy where each book focused on one of those three other champions. This one, Book #1 in the trilogy, focuses on Worsel of Velantia, and begins the story arc that will carry through all three volumes. If you are a fan of the original Lensman series this is worth picking up, but as a stand-alone it would lose much of its appeal, in my view.

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