My Review of Tsar Wars

Tsar Wars by Stephen Goldin

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So, once upon a time E.E. “Doc” Smith had an idea for a series involving the Family D’Alembert and their service to an interstellar empire headed by a Tsarist government of Russian origin. But Smith didn’t do much more than write an initial novella, and then it was turned over to Stephen Goldin, who turned the novella into a novel and then wrote 9 more novels to finish out the series. Dune it ain’t, but I enjoyed the series, and I generally enjoy Goldin’s writing. Well. that series had Smith’s name all over it, and Goldin was barely acknowledged even though he wrote almost all of it. And that might be why he decided to redo it as his own series, so he “wrote” another ten novels exactly redoing the original ten, just changing the names and a few minor plot points. Instead of a French circus family, it is now a Jewish Vaudeville family. The two lead characters are not acrobats, but dancers. In some ways, I am finding this new version a bit more interesting. The whole subplot about getting the Tsaritsa back to Earth alive was refreshing. Generally, I would call this a pleasant diversion. I read it while on an airplane, but it could be a beach read just as easily.

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