My Review of The McCartney Legacy, Vol. 1 : 1969-1973

The McCartney Legacy, Volume 1: 1969-73 by Allan Kozinn

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This is the definitive work on the music of Paul McCartney as a solo artist, following the breakup of the Beatles. It is clear that a massive amount of research went into this volume, and it reminds me of Mark Lewissohn’s magisterial Tune In in the depth of detail. It is clear that they not only searched out everything on the public record, but interviewed many people close to McCartney. The portrait they reveal is that of an artist with definite flaws, but also undeniable genius. Unlike John Lennon, who wanted nothing more than to tell everything that was in his mind, Paul McCartney is a very careful man in interviews who wants to control exactly what is said about him. That is why interviewing him would not be all that useful since the very things you would want to find out he would want to conceal. Lennon, on the other hand, would be very candid, and the next day he would also be very candid and contradict everything. And one of the themes that runs through this volume (and sums it up in the final chapter) is that Paul just could never give up control. You see that in the Get Back video, and it caused the first incarnation of Wings to break up. But there is a lot more as well. As a big McCartney fan, I enjoyed every word of this book, and recommend it highly to any other fans.

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