Doctor Who Reference Books

These are some of the books I have accumulated and read, and they are not an exhaustive list by any means. Please note that I have stopped purchasing physical books and I am sticking with e-books, which may explain certain lacunae in my collection.

  • Doctor Who: 25 Glorious Years
  • Doctor Who: Celebrating 50 Years
  • The Official Doctor Who and the Daleks Book
  • Doctor Who Handbook 01 – The First Doctor
  • Doctor Who Handbook 02 – The Second Doctor
  • Doctor Who Handbook 03 – The Third Doctor
  • Doctor Who Handbook 04 – The Fourth Doctor
  • Doctor Who Handbook 05 – The Fifth Doctor
  • A History: An Unauthorized History of the Doctor Who Universe
  • The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who
  • Doctor Who: A Brief History of Time Lords
  • The Doctor Who Technical Manual

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